Tips To Recover Hidden Files From Desktop

Have someone accidentally deleted your important files on your desktop? Well, that is quite a common thing that happens. That’s why you should always backup your files, but what if you have none? Well, don’t worry because we will tell you down below on how you can recover recently deleted files on your desktop. Just keep on reading until the end to know how. We recommend Dallas Data Recovery & Hard Drive Failures for all hard drive failures!

  • Perform Immediate Data Recovery – To restore the deleted files from your Desktop, you should perform an immediate data recovery. Why? Because the further use of the system may overwrite the deleted files which may lead to file corruption and permanent data loss. If this happens, your deleted files will never be recovered again. Go check the Recycle Bin because when data is deleted, it is actually moved to the Recycle Bin folder. If you are lucky enough to find your files, you can restore it back by following these steps:
  1. Open Recycle Bin folder
  2. Locate the deleted file
  3. Right-click on the file and select ‘Restore.’

NOTE: You may or may not be able to restore your deleted files depending on the recycle bin folder settings.

This is because it depends on how much storage space has been allocated to the Recycle Bin folder and the Recycle Bin properties. According to the parameters, the data may get deleted permanently without being moved into the Recycle Bin folder first. You do not want this to happen right? That’s why you must change the Recycle Bin settings. Just simply right-click on the Recycle Bin folder and select Properties.

  • Use a Recovery Software – When you use CTRL+SHIFT+DEL combination or empty the recycle bin, the files are permanently lost. But don’t worry because we can still recover your files using a data recovery software. So, go look for the best recovery tool to recover your deleted files. To recover your files using Stellar recovery tool, you must follow these steps we have provided below:
  • Download, install and run the Stellar Data Recovery software
  • Select ‘All Data’ and click Next.
  • Click Desktop under Common Location and then click Scan.
  • Your recovered files will be listed in the left Tree View pane. Just click the File Type tab to sort data according to the file types.

In case the desired data isn’t found in the scan, you can click the Click Here link at the bottom of the software screen to run Deep Scan. Deep scan thoroughly scans each sector on the drive for the lost and deleted data based on file signatures. In addition, it also facilitates RAW recovery from a severely corrupted drive. After the deep scan, just click on a file to preview it or click the checkbox to select the files for recovery. Then, click the Recover button, and a new dialog box will appear. Click on Browse and choose a save location and start saving. It would be best to use an external drive to save the recovered data and to avoid data corruption.

  • Restore to the Previous Version – This option can help you recover your deleted file but only works if the File History was enabled before the files were deleted. To recover your files using this option, just simply follow these steps below:

Go to C:>Users>YourProfileName

Right-click on the ‘Desktop folder and choose ‘Restore previous versions.’

Choose a version with the time or date when the file existed on the Desktop folder.

Then, click ‘Restore’ and ‘Restore’ again to confirm. And you will receive a message after restoration is completed.

So, whenever you experience file deletion, just follow these useful tips to save your files from total loss. But still, it would be best if you will always backup your files to prevent this from happening.  Do you want to install a hot tub but don’t know someone who can do the job? Contact us now Calgary Hot Tub Repair & Service!


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